viernes, 2 de agosto de 2013

fish and chips

fish and chips, in a hotel for children in benidorm

A hotel for children in benidorm when all inclusive in benidorm, this mean that all are free, and you can drink and dance and enjoy but you looking for whit the children too, aswell you must to consit to care your children aswell, no only to enjoined, its clear and true.

In benidorm you know a hotel for children in benidorm too, you are luky.

You can eat fish and chips in a hotel for children in bendidorm cause the joung people like fish and chips, an me too, its more similary than in your countrie, alike in UK, but in spanish the potatoes are more substancials and greats and have more taste...rue, your kids enjoined whit the fish and chips menu´s, aswell you can to prove or know the mediterranian cousine, its top over the top, but you think aginst in opossitión, you are free here, Spain is a Democraci since 1978, you are insurance in spain and the police are honest an server and protected, you are secure here and the bois and girls, kids in apprence, are secure here and for their sake will be created a gobernment police special deparure into Interpol an the police corps that works night and night in benidor and in all Spain.

You are secure in spanish countries, we are kindli here and friendely and the weiters and coustomers are prepared for you toad in the holes if this it´s you prefer or your soons, you are in a hotel for children in benidorm


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