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Benidorm ranks in tourism in the region of Valencia.

Benidorm ranks in tourism in the region of Valencia. Thanks to its excellent location
in the Marina Baja region (province of Alicante), has become one of the main holiday
destinations in the Mediterranean. The best assets of Benidorm are: beautiful beaches,
leisure and good weather (protected by the mountain range that protects it from the
action of the winds).
The concentration of hotels and apartments in Benidorm is obvious. You have a wide
range of apartments in Benidorm. They also emphasize the height of the buildings that
portrait Benidorm and there is a reason more than justified. A part of that by building
a taller building, you need less developable land on which to build (which decreases
costs). The height of your apartment in Benidorm lets you see the magnificent view of
the Mediterranean from your balcony. This gave rise to the term "land consolidation".
This was one of the main reasons why buildings and apartments were built in
Benidorm: so everyone could enjoy the sea views.
Curiously, another factor that favored the growth of tourism in Benidorm was to
eliminate the ban on wearing bikini on the beaches. It was the city's mayor, Pedro
Zaragoza, who persuaded Franco to take it out. At that time it was a daring and bold
measure, but it revolutionized the Spanish model of tourism.
In addition, during your stay in the apartment in Benidorm you can enjoy the extensive
recreational and religious calendar that Benidorm offers. Highlights include the
following holidays:

• January: the festival of Sant Antoni del Porquet (held around the shrine of Sanz).

• May: Fallas.

• June: Bonfires of San Juan.

• July : Day Carmen (patron saint of sailors) .

• October: Moors and Christians, and Festa del Roser (where homage is paid to the

Virgin of the Rosary).

• November: Major Festivals Patron (in honor of the Virgen of Suffrage and St. James

the Apostle).

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