martes, 4 de junio de 2013

This is a tale


Lived now in hotel in  benidorm until since the travel endemd, i confoused, perhaps now understund whose am i...or this times dangerous better its travel around the wolrd, one day and more, walking arround the yellow wall...i repossed and fee my tired arms...sleep neares coast and never can go into my older life beside, in the diferent option...

I live in a hotel benidorm earing wabes and mooulsques and creeps, Spain it´s more modern, Spain it´s lovely plant grounded under the linesaky...I prefer my newsensation named a new live in hotel in benidorm, newsensation in times changered and dangerous, cause the cahnge it´s wrong or cause the chance it´s correct buto i need to spain and  i need to change, and shameffeling came whitz change...How many time we cant lived in a assolated Spain? We need learn, it´s easier learn...You are the teacher, you always are the teacher...Live it´s a great teacher...Now i´m a workerd newer believeit, but now i´m a worked...and what´s the matter? it´s beeter live in a hotel in benidorm...No easier, but no dificulty...Everybody change...and WHEN WE LIVES LONELY IT´S HARDED TO EXPLAINED THE CHANGES BECAME A GOODSTATUS, cause we will researching and reset...

Reset sistema

Reset, no more.



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