lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Apartment in Benidorm

I had a good summer with my wife and kids in a hotel in Benidorm , post-adolescent daughter was a friend of her age and they had a pipe. I remember how " Elisa vacaiones " because that's my 20 year old daughter , a girl.

It's funny that in the Benidorm hotel we had a family room which was really how rented an apartment, the master bedroom for my wife and me, had the bathroom inside and out to shower you navigated by a small corridor leading illuminated by a quiet window that booked. A sliding door opened into a small room but very comfortable and bright always to take advantage of natural light , seemed larger than it was for their colors balncos curtains, furniture and walls. The white color gives much space , I know without studying interior design but how I extended to explain that people ask me what I studied , because those are the different ideas that go sailing in the Spanish mind especially on vacation , if you know of something is because you have studies on it and otherwise you may be drunk at 11 in the morning.

Elisa vacations . Someday I will write about it. She and her friend Ane having fun in their own space, my son did not come with us. We leave the house on their own, and do not ask how he had fun. You have to give freedom to the children , especially sons.

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