sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

Apartments and Hotels in Benidorm

The days we spent in a hotel in Benidorm we have been good to rest and animations distracted by hotel and kids disco .
In Benidorm there are many hotels and thousands of apartments with one, two or more rooms most with pool and some with hotel services that make living a few days
Holiday apartment in Benidorm are as rewarding as spending the holidays in a hotel. We got up early to go down to breakfast as we had an all inclusive deal . After breakfast I connected to wifi to see the mail.
After a few dips in the pool we approached the Levante beach was very close to the hotel in Benidorm and thoroughly with water so hot that the Mediterranean Sea is much warmer than the pool 's own Four Star Hotel Benidorm which appeals to both children and adults and makes the Levante beach is full of sun loungers and parasols . After baths we back to the hotel to have a snack and do not know if because of the crisis or to keep hotel guests happy the prices were very affordable .
Taking as an aperitif in the hotel pool wait for girls to come down to eat at a restaurant , this did not always as being a Benidorm hotel offer all inclusive we could eat at the hotel. We did it by learning more about their city walks , restaurants bars and see its towering skyscrapers full of apartments for rent in Benidorm. The truth is that they are very beautiful skyscrapers with many different ways that both are for apartments which are hotels .
After lunch it was ideal for my nap using air -conditioned hotel to sleep a good and short nap . In a future post I will continue counting as afternoon spent living in a four star hotel in Benidorm .

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